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110 Block Wiring
110 Connecting Block

110 Connecting Block

110 Connecting Block
The 110 connecting block is a two-piece assembly consisting of a raised wiring block that forms a base and several much smaller connecting blocks that fit on top of groups of terminals on the base. 110 Connecting Blocks are terminated to the 110 Wiring Blocks using 110/5 pair terminating tool. 110 Connecting Blocks are available in 2/3/4/5 pairs and compatible with Cat.5E/Cat.6. It’s easy to adjust, easy to embed wires in. They offer a reliable and economical high -density system. Ingellen presents these 110 connector blocks to help organize your wiring system. The connector blocks receive wires that are crimped on in order to tidy up the connections and prevent any entanglement and interference.
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Product Description
110 Connecting Blocks Cat.5e 4 Pair
110 Connecting Blocks Cat.5e 5 Pair