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Dust Caps

Dust Caps

Dust Caps
Optical Connector and Adapter Dust Cap (also known as dust dome, or dome) is a gently curved dome mounted either in concave or convex orientation over the central hole of most loudspeaker diaphragms. It protects the mating surface of connectors and provides sealing against particle and moisture contamination. Dust caps can also contribute structural integrity to the voice coil assembly or the cone. Ingellen can provide some kinds of dust caps such as SC Mating Sleeve Adapter Dust Caps, Plastic Universal Dust Cap for 1.25mm Ferrules, Metal Cap&Chain for ST Mating Sleeves/Adapters, Universal Dust Cap for 2.5mm Ferrule w/Jacket Strap, Rubber Dust Cap Covers FC Connector Housing and FC Adapters, Metal Cap&Chain for FC Mating Sleeves/Adapters and so on.
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SC Mating Sleeve Adapter Dust Caps