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Fiber Splitter
FBT Coupler
FBT Coupler
An optical fiber coupler is mainly distributes light from a main fiber into two or more fibers. FBT splitter is traditional technology to weld several fiber together from side of the fiber. FBT couplers by Ingellen are high-quality and stable, with low insertion and high return loss, which are designed for power splitting and tapping telecommunication equipment, CATV networks, and test equipment. These FBT splitters are available individually or integrated into modules for fiber protection switching, MUX/DMUX, optical channel monitoring, and add/drop multiplexing applications.
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Product Description
1xN Single Window FBT Coupler
1xN Dual Window FBT Coupler
2xN Dual Window FBT Coupler
1xN Three Window FBT Coupler
2xN Three Window FBT Coupler