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Fiber Optic Converter
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Media Converter
Ingellen offers 10/100M Ethernet media converters, gigabit media converters, SFP media converters, managed media converters, OEO fiber optic media converters, media converter cards, and media converter chassis. Fiber media converter can convert the signals sent from copper cable to signals that run on the fiber cable. There are copper to fiber and fiber-to-fiber conversion devices, and single mode fiber optic media converters and multimode fiber media converters. For single mode fiber optic converters, there are dual fiber type and single fiber type which the fiber cable functions both as transmitting media and receiving media; while for multimode fiber optic converters, there are only dual fiber types. Single fiber media converters are also called WDM fiber optic media converters.
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Part Number
Product Description
10/100M Single Fiber Fast Fiber Media Converter
10/100M Dual Fiber Fast Fiber Media Converter
1000M Single Fiber Gigabit Media Converter
1000M Dual Fiber Gigabit Media Converter
10/100/1000M Single Fiber Media Converter
10/100/1000M Dual Fiber Media Converter