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Fiber Optic Polisher

Fiber Optic Polisher

Fiber Optic Polisher
Fiber Optic Polisher provides broader capabilities as well as an easy, quick and accurate means for polishing optical fiber ends to maximise light transmission. This fiber optic polishing machine is easy to change JIG and polishing films and also simple to disassemble and increase pressure. The polisher is available for the following connector polishing: FC/UPC, SC/UPC, ST/UPC, LC/UPC, MU/UPC, FC/APC, SC/APC, MT-RJ, and E2000. Ingellen Fiber Optic Polisher helps you improve work effiency, save polishing films and reduce polishing cost.
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Part Number
Product Description
Polishing Machine IN-12 Central Pressurized Polisher
Polishing Machine IN-12A Central Pressurized Polisher
Polishing Machine IN-20A Square Pressurized Polisher
FPM-2000 Programmable Fiber Optic Polishing Machine
Fiber Optic Polisher MLP-20E