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Fiber Optic Multiplexer
PDH Multiplexer
N x E1 PDH Multiplexer

N x E1 PDH Multiplexer

N x E1 PDH Multiplexer
N*E1 PDH Fiber Optic Multiplexers use the PDH fiber transmission technologies.The 2M (E1) interfaces can connect with the exchanger, light loop device and multi-diplexer directly to form the micromini or the special network. Complete alarm function for N*E1 PDH Fiber Optic Multiplexers, it is stable, easy to maintenance and install, small in size. It can support one digital service telephone.Ingellen manufacture E1 Fiber modem, 4E1, 8E1, 16E1 Fiber Optical Multiplexer and Chassis. Ingellen N x E1 PDH Multiplexer Series PDH Optical Multiplexer provides complete alarm and network management functions, as well as the functions such as self-testing and E1 loop testing. As a mature technical product, it has high reliability and it is easy to operate.
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N x E1 Dual Fiber PDH Multiplexer