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N x E1 to ETH Converter

N x E1 to ETH Converter

N x E1 to ETH Converter
Ingellen's offers N x E1 to ETH converter. It's a most latest product in n x E1 to Ethernet converter range in AD-net product line. Besides the basic idea of bundling 4E1 to get 8 Mbit/s via professional GUI NMS access to wide array of user friendly features are possible now. The maximum bit rate is 8 Mbps (4 E1 lines). With different LAN card, E1 card and power card, it can meet various requirements and can be customized to fit your network needs. It not only provides alarms and status of the E1 line and Ethernet interface together with advanced management functions, such as, throughput statistic of the Ethernet, but also supports the Unification Network Management via SNMP and GUI.
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N x E1 to Ethernet Fiber Optic converter