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Fiber Optic Converter
OEO Converter
OEO Converter
OEO converters are used for re-amplifying and re-shaping the signals in the transmission process converting them to other optical or electrical formats, or combining multiple fibers onto a single fiber via Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). Our OEO fiber converters include 125M~1.25G OEO converter, 125M~4.25G OEO converter, 10G OEO converter. They can save optical fiber resources and networking cost effectively, and solves the problem that the transmission distance is too long to transmit. With advantages of small volume optical signal, economy and safety, convenient construction and etc, it is widely used in various optical transmission fields and long-distance trunk transmission.
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125M~1.25G 850/1310/1550nm OEO Converter
125M ~ 4.25G 850/1310/1550nm OEO Converters
10G 850/1310/1550nm OEO Converters