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Fiber Optic Multiplexer
PDH Multiplexer
PDH Multiplexer
PDH Multiplexer, Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy is a technology used in telecommunications networks to transport large quantities of data over digital transport equipment such as fibre optic and microwave radio systems. PDH optical multiplexer is a kind of point-to-point optical transmission equipment developed based on ultra large scale integrated circuit. Have perfect alarm function, data office telephone optional, high reliability and stabilization, low power consumption, high integration, small bulk, easy installation and maintenance. The device is popularly with telecommunication operator. It is suitable in business for communication operator, government and kinds of entities.
Ingellen PDH fiber optical Multiplexers are E1 point-to-point optical transport equipments that use the FPGA chips and easy to upgrade. It is single board structure, and the largest transmission capacity is 16E1. The outer design use the standard 19 inches rack, so the volume is little, weight is light, the operation is convenient and credit.

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Part Number
Product Description
N x E1 Dual Fiber PDH Multiplexer
NxE1+Nx10/100M ETH PDH Multiplexer
NxE1+Nx10/100/1000M ETH PDH Multiplexer
IN-1+1 E+E PDH
1+1 E+E N*E1 1/2/4ETH PDH Multiplexer