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PLC Splitter w/Fan-out

PLC Splitter w/Fan-out

PLC Splitter w/Fan-out
PLC splitter with fan-out is mainly used for 0.9mm optical fiber where the ribbon fiber can converted to 0.9mm optical fiber through fan-out. Fiber adapters can be provided both for the input and output ends of this kind of splitters so that they can be used directly to meet the low demand on the size of the splitter. We provide PLC Splitters features low PDL,low excess loss and insertion loss,and high reliability that meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements.This is normally an option with fiber distribution cable, or sometimes loose buffer or ribbon cable, it is designed for a permanent termination. Ingellen provides whole series of 1xN and 2xN PLC Splitter w/Fan-out kits. Get more PLC splitter from us!
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1xN Fiber PLC Splitter with Fan-out Kits
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