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Fiber Optic Converter
Protocol Converter
Protocol Converter
Ingellen protocol converter uses reverse multiplexing technology to transmit 10/100Base-T data with bonding several E1 circuits, thus realizing conversion from 1-8 E1 channels to Ethernet interface. As to the Protocol Converter, you can have accessed to: E1 to Ethernet Converter, V.35 to ETH Converter, V.35 to ETH Converter, TDMOIP N x E1, E1 to Fiber Converter, E1 to RS232 RS422 RS485 and more. It can transmit signals point-to-point from E1 channel to RJ45 interface to realize connection between E1 channel and Ethernet. Being different from general long-distance bridge, protocol converters support flexible configuration of 1 to 4 E1 channels and can detect the number of E1 channel and choose available channel.
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E1 to N x Ethernet Fiber Optic converter
N x E1 to Ethernet Fiber Optic converter
N x E1 TDM over IP Fiber Opric Converter
16E1 TDM over IP Fiber Optic Converter
N x E1 TDM over IP Converter 10/100M user ports
E1 to Fiber Converter Specifications
V.35 to Ethernet Converter Specifications
E1 to V.35/V.24 Converter Specifications
E1 to RS-232/485/422 Converter Specifications