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Simplex Cable 3.0mm

Simplex Cable 3.0mm

Simplex Cable 3.0mm
Armored Simplex Fiber Optic Cable structure includes 0.9mm tight buffer fiber, flexible metal tube, aramid yarn and outer (PVC, LSZH) jacket. All component materials meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards. Its flexible metal tube protects the fiber optic. High compression resistant, high tensile resistant, rat-bite resistant, bend resistant and optimum flexible are also its important features. Ingellen supply Armored Singlemode Simplex Optical Cable 3.0mm and Armored Multimode Simplex Optical Cable 3.0mm. They are used in optical connections in optical communication equipment rooms and optical distribution frames, and optical apparatus connectors.
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3.0mm Simplex Armored Fiber Optical Cable with Tight-Buffered