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Fiber Patch Cable
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Single-mode 9/125 Loopback

Single-mode 9/125 Loopback

Single-mode 9/125 Loopback
Single-mode 9/125 Loopback is used in Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Testing Application. They are compliant with fast Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. LC loopback modules, SC loopback modules, MTRJ loopback modules are available. 9/125 singlemode fiber optic lookback modules are made with a variety of fiber cable jacket types, cable diameters, length or terminations. Ingellen provides custom service for LC 9/125 singlemode fiber optic lookback, SC singelmode 9/125 Loopback, MTRJ Single-mode 9/125 Loopback.
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LC Single-mode 9/125 Loopback
SC Single-mode 9/125 Loopback
MTRJ Single-mode 9/125 Loopback