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Telco Patch Panel

Telco Patch Panel

Telco Patch Panel
Ingellen’s Modular Telco Patch Panels mainly supply some panels which include Gigabit Ethernet Telco Patch Panels, Fast Ethernet Telco Patch Panels, Voice-Grade Telco Patch Panels and so on. These panels provide the ability to connect to gigabit equipment while maintaining performance throughout the cabling system. The panels are available in 24- and 48-port sizes with RJ-45 connectors wired to 50-position (25-pair) Telco-style connectors using T568B wiring. Each 50-position Telco connector is provided with both Velcro strain relief brackets and hex sockets to secure 25-pair cables with either 90-degree or 180-degree cable exit. A Telco Patch Panel includes an integrated cable management/strain relief system for improved cable routing and strain relief.
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