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Telephone Line Tester

Telephone Line Tester

Telephone Line Tester
Telephone line tester is a compact telephone line tester combining basic line tester function, auto ring, calling subscriber, checking line pair and high voltage protection. It is a new kind of line fault tester with safety & multi-functions capabilities. A phone line tester is used for detecting either digital or analog phone systems as well as the line polarity. It is rather a good portable, handheld tester to the lineman. Ingellen supply some mini phone line tester, and other Telephone line testers with good quality.
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Part Number
Product Description
Power Cable Tester Line Track Device for UTP/STP/Rj11/RJ45 NF-80...
Mini ST220/220B Telephone Line Tester
Mini ST230-X Telephone Line Tester
Puneng PN-TRJ45 RJ11Phone Video LAN Network Cable Line Tester
SHOM SML-868TS Wire Tracker Cable Tester Specifications
ST201 Cable Tracker
Mini T1000 Telephone Line Tester