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CWDM Mux/Demux


The CWDM Mux/Demux provides the most robust and low-cost bandwidth upgrade for your current fiber optic communication networks. All our CWDM systems are based on thin film filter technology and metal bonding micro optics packaging. Ingellen provides high quality CWDM with flat channel bandwidth, flexible channel configuration, low insertion loss and high isolation. Depending on type CWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer unit, with optional expansion, can transmit and receive up to 4, 12 or 16 connections of different standards, data rates or protocols over one single fiber optic link without disturbing each other. Each CWDM module supports ESCON, ATM, Fiber Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet over each port.

CWDM Mux/Demux can solve the shortage of fiber and transparent transmission of business, and reduce the cost of network building. It is widely used in metro aggregation and access layer to do transmission on a short time.

Low optical insertion loss
Cost-effective CWDM technology
Reliable passive WDM optical technology
High Isolation
Compact Design
Good channel-to-channel uniformity
Wide Operating Wavelength: From 1260nm to 1620nm
Wide Operating Temperature: From -40℃ to 85℃
High Reliability and Stability
CWDM System
PON Networks
CATV Links
Performance Index
1. Specified without connectors.
2. Add an additional 0.2dB loss per connector.
Mechanical Dimensions
40 channel CWDM Mux/demux is also provided by Ingellen:
You could also order LGX type of CWDM Mux/Demux from Ingellen:
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