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An optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) is a device used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing different channels of fiber into or out of a single mode fiber (SMF). The OADM module allows you to build complex networks establishing dedicated channels between locations based on the use of individual wavelength transmission. OADM consists of three stages: an optical demultiplexer, an optical multiplexer, and between them a method of reconfiguring the paths between the optical demultiplexer, the optical multiplexer and a set of ports for adding and dropping signals. The optical demultiplexer separates wavelengths in an input fiber onto ports. OADM provides the ability to add or drop a single wavelength or multi-wavelengths from a fully multiplexed optical signal. This allows intermediate locations between remote sites to access the common, point-to-point fiber segment linking them. Wavelengths not dropped pass-through the OADM and continue on in the direction of the remote site. Additional selected wavelengths can be added or dropped by successive OADMS as needed. CWDM OADM is designed to optically add/drop one or multiple DWDM channels into one or two fibers. Our CWDM OADM Modules include 1CH CWDM OADM, 2CH CWDM OADM, and 4CH CWDM OADM. They are all available in Plastic ABS Box, 19″ Rack Mount or LGX module package. Whether your network has 1 or 2 cores of fiber, redundant network, ring or linear network design etc, we can offer various OADM configurations to tailor fit your network architect.

The Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer(OADM) unit terminates a limited subset of wavelengths in WDM systems. OADMs typically add/drop 1, 2 or 4 wavelengths and the remaining wavelengths are bypassed (expressed) through the fiber. It's possible to reuse the terminated wavelengths on the remaining span.
Signal paths in a 1 channel. OADM with wavelength reuse.
The ability to reuse wavelengths in OADMs enables network designers to build redundant WDM networks. Portection switching is usually taken care of in the client equipment.
Point-to-Point link with two OADMs
Above picture illustrates a point-to-point system with two OADMs. The first OADM creates one wavelength path from (a) to (b). The second OADM generates two wavelength paths from (a) to (c) and (c) to (d). The 8 channel mux/demux units have six remaining wavelength patch from (a) to (d).
RoHS 6/6 Compliant
Multi-Channel Add / Drop
Telcordia GR-1221 Compliant
Thin-Film-Filter(TFF) Based
Flat and Wide Passband
Low Insertion Loss
High Channel Isolation
Exceptionally Stable and Reliable
Low Polarization Dependent Loss
Epoxy-Free Optical Path
CWDM Systems
Metro/Access Networks
Enterprise NetworksCATV Fiber Optic Links
All specifications are without fiber connectors.
Center Wavelength in Short band (1270, 1290, 1310... or 1271, 1291, 1311..) are available upon request.
LGX Box / 19’ Rack Packaging option is available upon request.
Fully compatible with all CWDM transceivers.
Compatible with light wave equipment including: Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel, Fujitsu, etc.Specify required add/drop wavelengths on order.
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