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EPON Solution

    Video on demand and other "triple-play" services of video, voice and data require the provision of high bandwidth residential services directly to consumers. Passive Optical Networks are the next step beyond DSL and cable modems, delivering very high-speed services to consumers over an all-optical access network. Chip vendors, network equipment manufacturers and service providers must verify the fair sharing of bandwidth on an EPON, and pinpoint the precise location and causes of congestion and service disruption.

    To quickly solve these problems, N2X includes dedicated software and a N5604A Tri-rate Ethernet EPON Test Card. The Agilent N2X EPON Performance Analysis Solution generates realistic end-to-end traffic through an EPON, and monitors both data and control protocol traffic directly on the EPON. The test system isolates the source of EPON performance issues to either the ONU (Optical Network Unit) or the OLT (Optical Line Terminal). Engineers can use the trigger, filter, capture and decode capabilities on the test system to analyze and isolate the specific causes of performance or protocol conformance issues. The test solution also inspects Ethernet OAM flows to debug vendor specific settings. This provides fast time to insight because engineers don’t have to waste time trying to find the source of performance problems. N2X provides the most comprehensive multi-services test coverage across the entire telecommunications network. It delivers rapid time to insight into EPON performance issues, thereby accelerating EPON and triple-play service deployment.

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • High Density Office Buildings
  • High Rise Apartment Blocks
  • University & College Campuses
  • Theme Parks
  • Marinas
  • Cruise Ships
  • City Wide Networks
  • N2X is the industry’s first complete Performance Analysis Solution for testing Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs). The Agilent N2X EPON Performance Analysis Solution is designed to validate and debug EPON implementations and to quickly bring EPON services into operation. The Agilent N2X is the only multiport traffic solution that includes native EPON specific test capabilities.