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GPON ONU Transceiver


The GPON ONU Transceiver consists of 1310nm DFB laser, 1490nm APD photodiode WDM filter and Preamplifier in a high-integrated optical sub-assembly for GPON applications up to 20km. The optical interface is SC/APC or SC/PC pigtail. It adopts 2*10 Small Form Factor (SFF) Package. Power supply is single +3.3 Voltage.

2*10 Small Form Factor (SFF) Package. Single Power Supply +3.3 Voltage.
Single Fiber Bi-Directional SC/APC or SC/PC pigtail.
Burst-Mode Transmitter, operation wavelength at 1310nm, 1244.16Mbps.
Continuous-Mode Receiver, operation wavelength at 1490nm, 2488.32Mbps.
Power Leveling Supports 0dB, -3dB, -6dB Setting with no Additional Calibration.
Receiver with 2R Function.
Compliant with IEC60825 Class 1.
Compliant with ITU-T G984.
Operating temperature range:
      Commercial: 0℃ ~+70℃
      Industrial: -40℃ ~+85 ℃
Gigabit-capable PON ONU for P2MP application.
FTTX WDM Broadband Access.
ITU-T G984.2 Class B+.
Small Form Factor Transceiver Multisource Agreement
Compliant with SFF-8472 v9.5
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Recommended Operating Conditions
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Information:
Function Description:
The transceiver provides high-speed Bi-directional serial optical link for GPON applicaiton up to 20km.
The burst-mode transmitter part has a 1310nm DFB laser. It features dc-coupled differential data inputs. TX_BRST is a LVTTL input for TX shut down control. Logic "0" disables the LD driver or logic "1" disables the LD driver (for select). The 1490nm continuous-mode receiver part has a high performance photo detector. The preamplifier (TIA) and limiting amplifier amplify the incoming optical signal into the stable range and convert the signal to differential ac-coupled PECL outputs. SD is LVTTL output. Which logic "0" indicates the input power is lower than the threshold.
Figure Dimensions:
Dimensions are in millimeters.
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