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IN-NCT-TL-828-A (TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester)
IN-NCT-TL-828-A (TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester)

IN-NCT-TL-828-A (TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester)

IN-NCT-TL-828-A (TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester)
  • IN-NCT-TL-828-A (TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester)


A network cable tester can identify if the wires are paired correctly. It can also show if there is a break in the insulation, a situation which allows crosstalk between two wires that should not be connected. The tester can also tell whether the cable has the proper level of resistance. Generally speaking, a network cable tester is a device that test for different types of faults in cables like continuity, dislocation, open circuit, short circuit, cable pairing faults, or indications like shielding indication, straight cable/ cross over cable indication, etc
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TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester with LCD display showing obenidos results in a clear and complete. It has two RJ45 female connectors (Main and Loop back) to check installed cables (cords). Furthermore terminator is supplied for testing cables already installed. It also has four buttons. To test Coaxial cable adapters hoses suministrans two RJ45-Male rapier. For cable testing two hoses suministrans RJ11 adapters Male to RJ45-RJ11-Male.
Display the connection on both ends
Check and verify the mapping table of the wire connection
One Person enough complete cable continuity check
If the button is not being used within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut off
In the calibration mode, the unit of length can be converted from "M" into "FEET"
Dynamically calibrate cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%
The coefficient after the calibration can be saved, to be modified until the calibration next time
To test the cat.5e,cat6e,UTP,STP cable and the coaxial cable as well as the telephone wire,etc
Through the electrical resistance , to measure the length of the cable wire and can find out the position of the failure
Cable positioning, the biggest can be expanded to eight remote passive test socket (identification number 1 D1-1 D8) distal identify instruments audio reminders
TL-828-A Multi-function Network Cable Tester Specification



40x25mm character screen LCD lattice 

Type of tester cable

STP/UTP twin twisted cable,coaxial cable,telephone line

Working Temperature


Length Calibration

User can set Calibration factor by himself with a given length cable. The length of calibrating cable is more than 5M


4x1.5V size AA batteries with power consumption 16 ma




Multiple-function computer Network cable Tester, Distant Adapter and Commutator, Telephone cable commutator,RJ45 to RJ11 jumper, LR03 AAA.1.5V batteries, Chain, User Manual 

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