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1-64 Channels Video Multiplexer
INAA-NxV (1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case)
INAA-NxV (1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case)

INAA-NxV (1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case)

INAA-NxV (1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case)
  • INAA-NxV (1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case)


The Fiber Optical Video Transceiver is an all-digital fiber transceiver device, with world-class non-compression, all-digital video correction technology and Gigabit fiber transmission technology. It can transmit long-distortion and real-time 1-32 channels video signal (and other signals such as data, audio, Ethernet, alarm, phone if necessary) by one-core fiber.
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Ingellen supply the Video Multiplexer maximum transmission distance up to 20km It is frequently used in monitoring and surveillance in expressways, the customs, transportations, electronic police, industrial automation, power service, bank, and water conservation projects, etc.
Automatically adaptable to data rate, without setting
10-bit digital code and non-compression video transmission
Automatically compatible with video formats of PAL, NTSC, and SECAM
APC circuits with constant output optical power and video Dynamic Range
8With unique lighting surge protection design
Industrial-grade modular design, easy to expand the functions
LED indicators for power supply
Easy for installation, no need for electrical and optical adjustment after installation
TDM, ADM, and CWDM technology, especially applicable to environment unsuitable for wiring
Supply 2U and 4U Rack Mount with card-type optical converters, support hot insert & plug
No inter-modulation interface caused by analog frequency modulation, Phase modulation and amplitude modulation
1-64 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transceiver in Aluminum Alloy Case Specifications
Optical Parameters

Wavelength:  850/1310nm (Multi-mode); 1310/1550nm (Single-mode)

Optical Interface:  FC, SC, and ST optional

Video Parameters

Interface: BNC outlet

Nominal Input/Output PWL: 1.0vP-P

Nominal Input/Output Impedance: 75Ω(Unbalanced)

Video Bandwidth: 5Hz~10Hz

Weighted Signal / noise Ratio: ≧65dB

Audio Parameters

Frequency Width: 20Hz~20KHz

Audio Direction: Forward, reverse or bi-direction optional

Interface: RCA, Terminal block optional

Input/Output Impedance: 600Ω(Balanced / Unbalanced)

Weighted Signal / noise Ratio:  ﹥ 85dB

Data Parameters

Data Type: RS232, RS485, RS422, Manchester, Bi-phase

Data Direction: Forward, reverse, or bi-direction optional

Interface: RJ45, Terminal block optional

Communication Speed: 0~300Kbps

Work Mode: FDX / Semi duplex

Error Code Rate:  ﹤ 10-9


Work Mode: 10/100M automatic, FDX/semi duplex

Interface: RJ45

Standard Protocol: ANSI X3T12TP-PMD, IEEE802.3/802.3u, IEEE802.1q VLAN, IEEE802.3X FDX fluid control and Back-Pressure semi duplex fluid control


Interface: Terminal Block, RJ45 Optional

Note: All the data above does not include connectors.

Ordering Information

Part Number


Fiber Mode

Transmission Distance

Power Supply

Power Standard



1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 or customer specified





Stand alone
Card type
2U Chassis
4U Chassis
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