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The EU Proposed Broadband Licensing and Construction New Program

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The EU Proposed Broadband Licensing and Construction New Program
  • By ingellen ・Published on March 26, 2013
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March 26 news, it is reported that the European Commission said recently that simplifying or deleting broadband related local regulations will save up to 60 billion Euros (about 78 billion U.S. dollars) in costs, but also will ensure that all new buildings’ installation of high-speed Internet access. The Committee took place on Tuesday for this area to develop a new program.
EU digital policies Commissioner, NeelieKroes said: "Everyone should enjoy high-speed broadband ... I hope to wipe out all the red tape that hinder us to achieve this goal, the applicable rules in most regions are detrimental to Europeans’ compatibility. "
The European Commission, civil engineering (including the actual mining road, laying of optical fiber) accounting for the deployment of 80% of the cost of high-speed network. The Commission estimates that the new program can reduce expenses by 400-600 million Euros. It must take about two years time before the plan pass the examination of European Parliament and the EU's 27 member states.
According to the proposed rules, all new buildings must be pre-installed the high-speed broadband, which will need to coordinate more utilities sector, so that the network cable can be installed at the same time with the infrastructure such as water, electricity and gas.
In addition, the procedures relating to the official business broadband license will also be reduced. Opposition from the local level (such as environmental issues, partly because Brussels did not deploy 4G mobile broadband) must be dealt within six months or be automatically approved.
The European Competitive Telecommunications Association, a lobbying group on behalf of new companies (including British Telecom Group the NTTDoCoMo and VerizonBusiness) said this action will help improve the pattern of the telecommunications industry in Europe.
The Association President, Tom Ruhan pointed out: "We very much welcome this proposal aimed at reducing the fiber network deployment costs. In Europe, more than 70% of the investment of FTTH is shouldered by other operators, which greatly reduced the telecom operators Manufacturers’ burden. "
By editor from Chinese FTTH equipment manufacturer, Ingellen Technology Co., Ltd.
March 26, 2013